Hi, I’m Felipe.

I’m an IT professional with 8+ years of experience in the industry, I was an Automation Specialist at Algar Telecom (Brazil), I left this job on 4/27/2018 because I’m going to live in Germany. I always loved to solve IT Ops through automation, I have fun building my scripts and learning more about it everyday.

I’m a very focused person, for me the success is all about making accurate decisions, I mean, this is when you’re sure of what you’re going to do and where you want to be in the future, I always try to not walk in circles!

It was until a year ago that I dived deeply into Powershell, studying and practicing a lot, taking courses from Pluralsight, Udemy, Microsoft Virtual Academy, reading blogs and books. In that short period of time I have accomplished with Powershell much more than never before and I’m sure that’s only the beginning.

Usually I don’t speak as much as I write, but I enjoy a nice conversation on the right time, I enjoy practicing on my home lab environment, Indie music, Pop Rock, Instrumental, Bossa Nova, playing the drums, pizza (who doesn’t?), Beer, fresh fruits, some animes, comics, PC gaming, figure actions, doritos and I love coffee. 🙂