Copy and enumerate copied files

Build function parameters Filter files Copy folder structure Copy and enumerate each file Full script Some weeks ago I saw a person asking for help in stackoverflow to build a script that would copy files and then enumerate each of them. Well, I've made a simple script for him but, some days after I had the … Continue reading Copy and enumerate copied files

Monitor RAM usage remotely

Get RAM information Define usage percentage status Generate hashtable to output data Final touches Full Script See it in action There are several reasons why we may need to monitor the RAM usage, whether that's a server, an endpoint or a lab, the RAM is crucial for any machine to work properly for our needs. … Continue reading Monitor RAM usage remotely

Remove Users and Computers

Create CSV file Import CSV file content Splash parameters with hashtables Build script. If you still manage users and computers in active directory manually, there are two options, maybe you manage a very small infrastructure, or, you must continue reading this! Automation not only saves a lot of time, but also avoids human error, be … Continue reading Remove Users and Computers

Software Uninstall Automation [Part 3/3]

Add function information Build the process Full script See it in action Conclusion This is the last part of this article, be sure to see the part 1/3 and part 2/3 if you didn't yet! Add function information Powershell functions are blocks of code inside of a script for easy re-use, we can use them like we … Continue reading Software Uninstall Automation [Part 3/3]

Software Uninstall Automation [Part 2/3]

Get computer list values. Get WMI key values: Parameters. Get WMI key values: Switch parameters. Build classkey. In the part PART 1/3 we learned how to speed up a WMI query to quickly find and uninstall a specific software in our infrastructure, now we will build a script to run it in the infrastructure. I'll … Continue reading Software Uninstall Automation [Part 2/3]

Software Uninstall Automation [Part 1/3]

  Query software with Get-WmiObject. Query software with type accelerator [wmi]. Compare efficiency. Uninstalling software can be a simple task right? but when you have a bunch of machines that must have some software uninstalled, usually due to urgent causes like license expiration, bugs in the infrastructure and so on, this simple task could turns … Continue reading Software Uninstall Automation [Part 1/3]