How to block input with Powershell

Find C# function signature Code review Full script Powershell has many built-in cmdlets that allows us to automate our environment, but sometimes we need even more. For that, there's a powerful cmdlet which we've already used here in another article, called "Add-Type" which is capable of adding a .NET class into a powershell session, and … Continue reading How to block input with Powershell

Software Uninstall Automation [Part 2/3]

Get computer list values. Get WMI key values: Parameters. Get WMI key values: Switch parameters. Build classkey. In the part PART 1/3 we learned how to speed up a WMI query to quickly find and uninstall a specific software in our infrastructure, now we will build a script to run it in the infrastructure. I'll … Continue reading Software Uninstall Automation [Part 2/3]